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 Help provide access to clean water  in rural under resourced communities through applying STEM skills.

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Infrastructure projects may include:

  • Design and build community water systems
  • Conduct new and follow-up water assessments studies
  • Surveying land for water system
  • Improve water flow and piping to improve access

Volunteers will be able to:

  • Support in the construction or repair of a community water system
  • Conduct water testing and analysis to improve quality
  • Describe the challenges and opportunities of the water access in the host community and country at large

Each Global STEM Squad provides:


Learning Objectives for Volunteers

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Infrastructure Projects for Community Partners

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Guest Lectures from Local Experts

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Cross-Cultural Sensitivity Training

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Local Language Instruction

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Enriching Cultural Activities

squad details

Duration: Squads can range between 1-2 weeks. In addition to the service component, cultural enrichment activities are available in each country (example: Machu Picchu visit).

Donation Goal: Each volunteer is expected to fundraise a minimum of $990 to cover all their in-country expenses, which includes: transport, local staff, meals, insurance, and accommodations in our private Home-Bases. Additionally, Squads fundraise towards a Group Project Contribution of $1500 or more.

Group Size: Each Squad requires a minimum of 5 volunteers and one adult chaperone. We provide 1 free adult chaperone with 5 students,  2 free adult chaperones with 6-16 students, and 3 free with 17-27.  Maximum group size is dependent upon home-base capacity, generally around 40-50 pax.