Safety: Our #1 Priority

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Volunteer safety has always been our absolute priority. Our history and attention to detail sets us apart from other international volunteer organization. We exceed the requirements set by the International Volunteer Programs Association (IVPA) and have an impeccable safety record over 22 years of operations that has hosted collectively accommodated more than 100,000 volunteers.

Squads stay in our private home-base lodging facilities which are private guest houses that are not open to outside guests.  All meals are provided by our trained cooks which provide wholesome, plentiful, and authentic local cuisine.  We accommodate any dietary restrictions or allergies and provide abundant clean drinking water.  Security is provided where appropriate at all times, with additional night watch guards and secure storage areas to safeguard valuable belongings.

All volunteers are automatically covered under the Core Medical and Travel Insurance Program, a leader in the industry. All participating schools are covered under our $5 million USD General Liability Policy and names can be added upon request.  Here are some more of the safety features Squads Abroad covers.

The Essentials:

Food, Water, Your Home-Base

  • Fresh food prepared by Squads Abroad Cooks who are trained in food safety and prepared to meet dietary restrictions and preferences
  • Unlimited, safe drinking water
  • Gender-separated rooms
  • Lockers provided to safeguard belongings
  • Security guard on duty
  • Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, and at least 2 fully stocked first aid kits in every Home-Base

A Strong Foundation:

Expertly Trained Local Staff

  • In-country Directors with an average of 10 years of experience
  • 1 Squads Abroad staff person for every 10 volunteers in addition to the teacher-chaperones
  • Experienced full-time staff from the local community with background checks
  • CPR-certified and first aid-qualified staff members
  • Continuous training and professional development
  • Ex-pat North American staff members on each local team

Getting Around:

Secure, Easy Transportation

  • All in-country transportation provided with vetted experienced drivers
  • All vehicles equipped with seat belts and first aid kits
  • Vehicles inspected and replaced regularly

Don’t Forget:

Important Provisions & Protocol

  • Travel-medical and evacuation insurance provided
  • Full in-country orientation, including safety training
  • Secure and confidential data systems to protect volunteer information
  • Emergency protocol and safety standards that are consistently reviewed