Outside of the major cities, Hondurans live a very tranquil and community-centered life.  Our program is located in the southwestern Paraiso Province where groups volunteer in safe and under-served communities within the mountain regions. Each community has a very distinct culture and way of life including different architectural styles like homes made of local materials. Honduras boasts many proud historical traditions displayed through the way of life within the communities where your group can undoubtedly make the most profound and lasting impact.

The Home-Base

Located in a safe, rural area, your Home-Base in Honduras offers beautiful views and relaxing spaces. Common areas are furnished with plenty of chairs and couches. Enjoy the evening breeze on the patio with fellow volunteers or bring out a book for some quiet time. Living areas are communal with plenty of space to keep your belongings.

During your stay, you’ll feast on a blend of healthy Honduran cuisine. Typical meals include plenty of starches like pasta, potatoes, while also having plenty of vegetables to balance out your plate.

In-Country Staff

Luis Torres is the country director of Squads Abroad in Honduras.  He manages a team of 24 permanent local staff made up of health and development professionals, coordinators, translators, cooks and logistic staff that have more than 10 years experience coordinating international volunteer programs. Under Luis’ leadership, our Honduras team has coordinated more than 10,000 international volunteers successfully and is a highly recognized health and development organization in Honduras.


We partner with many under-served schools and social service organizations in the Danli province.  Former partners include:







The Cultural Activities

Each weekday afternoon our professional staff guide the group on Cultural & Learning Activities in the local area. Brush up on your Spanish skills with group centered courses at the homebase. Learn how to make Traditional Candies and Sweets in the town of Cantarranas. Take traditional Folkloric Dance lessons with the Theater Company of Cantarranas. Enjoy painting lessons and learning about the culture of murals in Honduras. Wonder if your barista skills are up for the challenge? Participate in a Barista workshop that dives into the tradition of how coffee is processed in Honduras.

The Weekend Enrichment Activities (optional add-on packages)

COPAN- The Maya site of Copan is one of the most important sites of the Mayan civilization. The site is functioned as the political, civil and religious centre of the Copan Valley. It was also the political centre and cultural focus of a larger territory that covered the southeast portion of the Maya area and its periphery. The citadel now in ruins and imposing public squares reveal the three main stages of development before the city was abandoned in the early 10th century.

For many years the Copán site has been famous for its magnificent Maya Ruins Archaeological declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980. This magnificent park known as the most artistic Mayan civilization is perhaps the greatest source of information about this ancient civilization. Copan is considered today as the Paris of the Mayan world in Central America. Take a guided tour of the archaeological site and learn more about this fascinating civilization.

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