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Greece, Refugee Program

Since 2015 more than one million refugees, fleeing war, persecution, natural disasters, and poverty, have traveled to Greece in search of safety and a dignified life in Europe.  In 2016, a series of international political policies have limited immigration out of Greece and as a consequence, more than 60,000 people are currently trapped, scattered across detention centers, abandoned buildings, and makeshift camps. Substandard living conditions and lack of adequate food, medical care, and information have heightened anxiety, depression, and uncertainty, but you can help through small construction projects at the refugee camps.



Maya Highlands, Guatemala

As a  volunteer in Guatemala, you’ll be warmly welcomed into the safe and quiet Maya Highlands town of Tecpan to join a passionate team of change-makers.  From the colorful textiles on a Maya woman walking down a cobble-stoned street, to the volcanoes that seem to rise straight out of the ground, to the freshly-made tortillas, Guatemala is a country for the senses. Guatemala has one of the largest populations of indigenous citizens in Latin America and many of our volunteers tell us that Guatemala, with its many traditions, is a place unlike any they’ve ever visited.  We know it’s your summer and you want to have amazing stories and photos of colorful markets, swims in volcanic lakes, and Maya ceremonies to share with your friends and family back home.



Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica

A worldwide leader in eco-tourism, Costa Rica is recognized for its rich biodiversity while also well known for its warm and welcoming people who live by the expression ‘Pura Vida.’  The community of Santa Cruz is conveniently located less than an hour from the Liberia International Airport and surrounded by rural agricultural communities and pristine beaches. Santa Cruz offers our Squads Abroad, a chance to experience everyday “Tico” life while performing valuable volunteer projects.  As a High School Volunteer Abroad in Costa Rica, you’ll be welcomed warmly into the rich relaxed ‘Pura Vida’ lifestyle.  We know it’s your summer and you want to have amazing stories and photos of gorgeous landscapes, expansive beaches,, and your fellow volunteers to share with your friends and family back home.



The Volta Region, Ghana

As a volunteer in Ghana, you’ll find a unique richness everywhere you look, from the country’s cultural history to its varied expanses of wilderness and coastline. Known for its exceptionally warm national character, Ghana, meaning “Warrior King,” is a place where visitors are welcomed as friends. In the Volta Region, home to the Ewe people, you will become family. With English as an adopted “official” language, amazing connections can be made for your Squad Abroad in Ghana.  As a High School Volunteer Abroad in Ghana, you’ll be welcomed warmly into a colorful tribal culture with your team of global change-makers.  We know it’s your summer and you want to have amazing stories and photos of natural wonders, mountains,and waterfall swims to share with your friends and family back home.



Azrou, Morocco

The labyrinthine of a local Medina, the call to prayer echoing otherworldly in the distance, the smell of a local dish cooking in a clay tagine, the offer of mint tea at virtually any time of day, are just a few of the cultural staples of Morocco.  In traveling to this North African country, you’ll have the opportunity to write your own narrative about the people in this predominantly Muslim society.  Our home-base is located in Azrou, a small town, located in the towering Atlas Mountains where students at the Fatima Al Fihriya elementary school face many challenges.  As a volunteer at  this Moroccan school, you’ll establish peer-to-peer relationships with the students while leaving a lasting impact through much needed small construction projects in local schools.  On weekend journey to Fez or take an overnight camel trek in the Sahara to revel in something so unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.




Peru is a melting pot of culture, with roots tracing back to the Pre-Colombian Incan culture, it claims Chinese, European, Japanese and African influences. Bustling Lima is an urbane dream, full of contrasts between the ancient and the modern. CCS works in Villa El Salvador, a nobel-peace prize nominated neighborhood for efforts in community planning, and Squads Abroad in Lima can be sure that their impact is felt, as the residents of Villa El Salvador continue to struggle to meet infrastructural challenges for the ever-growing neighborhood. Volunteer in Peru and your Squad can scratch off bucket list items, like Machu Picchu and the Amazon.