How To Tell Your Squad Story

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When you look at all of the pictures from your time volunteering with Squads Abroad, how do you begin to share your experience on social media? If you want to post but you’re struggling to write a good caption, we’re here to help guide you.

Draft your pictures on social media and then follow these steps to tell your #MySquadStory.

Use your experience to inspire others to join a squad, empower others, and help make a meaningful change on a global scale! If you’re able to give others a look at the amazing opportunities you have experienced as a volunteer  with Squads Abroad, you could be the one that inspires others to join a squad which may end up empowering our organization to provide a new clean water system for a community, improve a community’s educational outcomes, or help a solve public health challenges.

Step 1

While on your squad, get informed consent. Always ask permission and respect people’s wishes before taking any photos. Write down the names of those pictured in the photo, and gather background information that will provide your friends and family with a solid context.

Step 2

Choose a captivating photo. Select an image that truly represents your experience. Challenge yourself to avoid posting images of sensitive and vulnerable situations, or photos where you are seen as the hero; photos that are taken on your trip are for personal use, and not for commercial or professional gain.

Step 3

Write your caption, and give context! Include the names of all pictured, the name of the community, and provide an explanation about the squad type you are a part of. Also, give your audience an action step. A stellar call to action will avoid leaving your audience hanging, so ask them to learn more on our website, or to ask you how they can get involved, or any other actionable response that comes to your mind.

Utilize the checklist below consisting of the photography and social media policies for Squads Abroad. We can’t wait to hear your stories, don’t forget to tag us!

Please keep in mind that photography of certain local people and vulnerable communities are a highly sensitive issue and is our collective responsibility to ensure that any photos of this nature are limited and protected in social media!

Written by Squads Abroad Marketing Associate, Taylor Clouse

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