An Unforgettable Experience with the Washington International School

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The students over at the Washington International School still talk about the impact and the memories they made in March while they were promoting sustainability within a local community in Morocco. Here’s a piece that one of the students wrote about how volunteering abroad with Squads Abroad changed their life:

In the spring of 2019, I was lucky enough to attend a trip to Morocco with Washington International School with an organization called Squads Abroad. I have traveled quite a bit, but I would say that this trip was the most meaningful one I have ever been on. The activities we did in the time we were there completely immersed me in the Moroccan culture. To begin with, we took night classes in Arabic, Islam, and the economy, government, educational, and health systems in Morocco. Learning about Morocco in this way helped me better appreciate my time there. We also took a cooking lesson, which was my personal favorite. In addition to the academic focus, we were able to experience Moroccan culture through day trips and different outings we went on. We went to Fez, rode camels in the desert, went to a morning market, visited the Hassan II Mosque in Casa Blanca, and even played basketball with local champs (I did not participate, but it was fun to watch). I was astounded by the diversity of landscape in Morocco. I spent every bus ride staring out the window. 


Although I loved camping in the desert, the most important part of the trip for me was the work we did with the children at a local school in Azrou, where we were based. I love working with children whenever possible either through tutoring or being a camp counselor, so being at the school was an incredible experience for me. I made so many connections with the kids either trying to fumble our way through an Arabic/English dictionary or playing memory games in French. I was so touched by every one of the children there and wouldn’t exchange the experience for the world. 


What I have mentioned is only a fraction of what I did in Morocco. I learned so much and had such a wonderful time. My experience in Morocco created memories and a passion for cross-cultural learning that I’ll keep forever.”

The impact and memories that you can make with Squads Abroad are limitless! Learn more and join a squad today by going to our website. We are excited to see and hear about your next squad!


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