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Where is Squads Going Next?

Squads Abroad recently returned home from making an impact in the small community of La Candelaria, Panama where they were welcomed by our community partners. The group of soccer girls from Colorado went on a Global Education Squad to Panama which gave these students a better perspective of the world and how they can each become global citizens. 

The Squad group had the opportunity to hear from President of the Parent Committee of the La Candelaria school. This gave them an inside look at the impact that our groups made with the community! They said:

“We are really thankful for this opportunity that we got, you guys are helping us a lot and we are really blessed.” -President of the Parent Committee of La Candelaria School

Each Squad group has a local coordinator that lead the group’s itinerary of activities and projects. The coordinator of this group mentioned that:

“Working as a coordinator with Squads Abroad was a really great experience. I loved that I had the opportunity to learn from all the volunteers/teachers, students, and people from the community, and working with them was amazing too, seeing the faces of the parents and the students when they saw the final result gave me more motivation to keep working with this program.” -Widney Caballero

Squads Abroad made an impact thanks to a few factors that came into play. First, all of the materials that were needed to work at the school were always available and ready to use. Second, even though it’s rainy season, the weather ended up being perfect for this group to work on the projects that they had in the works. Lastly, the home base staff and staff, were kind and always ready to help.

Whether the community members said ‘thank you’ or showered the group with gifts like the fruits they grew, this group knew they had made an impact and that this squad was a success.

Join and learn more about Squads Abroad and make an impact on a Global Education Squad in Panama by going to our website. We hope to see you soon!

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