7 Destinations: Where to Make an Impact With Squads Abroad

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Make school more than just the academics! Get out of the classroom and make an impact as you volunteer with Squads Abroad in 7 different countries. Squads Abroad destinations include Costa Rica, Ghana, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Morocco, and Panama. Check out each unique destination below, where will you make an impact with us?

1. Costa Rica
In this beautiful country you will be among the palm trees and sandy shores, while you work to support health and education initiatives within elementary schools and help lift access to opportunity and resources. Participate in a Global Education Squad or a Global Health Squad in Costa Rica!

Sturgis High School Health Squad enjoys the local sandy beaches of Costa Rica.

2. Ghana
On this west coast of Africa lies Ghana with expanses of wilderness and beaches. Ghanaians are peaceful, caring and hospitable people will become your family while you make an impact in this unforgettable place. Participate in a Global Education Squad, Global Health Squad, or Global STEM Squad in Ghana!

Salisbury High School Global Health Squad with local Ghanaians.

3. Greece
More than one million people in Greece have risked their lives trying to escape natural disasters, war, and persecution. When you go to Greece to make an impact with a squad, you will have the opportunity to restore dignity, share compassion and provide support to local refugee camps. Participate with a Refugee Support Squad in Greece!

While making an impact in the beautiful country of Greece as a volunteer, you will also have the chance to explore the nearby urban cities on the water.

4. Guatemala
As a volunteer in Guatemala you’ll be warmly welcomed into the safe and culturally-rich Maya Highlands town of Tecpán. From the colorful dress of Maya woman walking down a cobble-stoned street, to the volcanoes that seem to rise straight out of the ground, to the freshly-made tortillas, Guatemala is a country for the senses. Participate in a Global Education Squad or a Global Health Squad in Guatemala!

Local Mayan Market in the urban cities of Guatemala.

5. Honduras
There are many historical traditions that can be found in this Central American country throughout each community where your group can undoubtedly make a profound and lasting impact. Participate in a Global Education Squad, Global Health Squad, or Global STEM Squad in Honduras!

Volunteer building infrastructure for a local school in Honduras.

6. Morocco
When volunteering in Morocco, you’ll establish a peer-to-peer relationship with the students while leaving a lasting impact through much needed small construction projects in local schools. You’ll be able to experience something you haven’t before by taking an overnight trek in the Sahara! Participate in a Global Education Squad  or a Global Health Squad in Morocco!

Washington International School volunteers are culturally immersed on a camel ride through the Sahara.

7. Panama
Panama ranges anywhere from oceans to giant rain forests! Make an impact in rural underserved communities, while learning about the local cultures and taking advantage of the urban Panama City and Panama Canal. Participate in a Global Education Squad or a Global Health Squad in Panama!

Volunteers play soccer (a.k.a. football) with the local school children after a day of hard work and volunteering.

How to get involved
Whether making an impact in a Central American country like Panama or across the ocean in Ghana, inspire your high school experience by volunteering internationally with Squads Abroad! Find a group near you or start your own squad by going to We can’t wait to see the impact that you’ll make!

Written by Squads Abroad Marketing Associate, Cami Klvacek

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