3 Tips to Kick Start a Squad at your School

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Countdown to the trip with your Squad!

1) Set the perfect trip up for your group

Start by filling out our quick and easy online Squads Abroad Trip Proposal Form or contact us with an inquiry. We’ll provide you with a customized trip proposal and pricing for the group that you’ll travel with!

Through this process, you’ll work with our awesome Director and President of Squads, Erik Werner, to determine the perfect destination, number of days, budget, and type of activities that are perfect for your group.

The Monarch High School Global Education Squad in Peru

2) Recruit, recruit, recruit! – You can’t have a Squad without the volunteers

Now is the time to recruit fellow students to participate on the squad! Not to fear though, we provide you with all the materials you need to get administrative and parental approval.

We also will make sure you have all the additional documentation that is needed to recruit and promote. This will include some intriguing powerpoint presentations, reliable safety and security measures, and housekeeping paperwork like liability insurance declaration, country and volunteer partner fact sheets, lodging information, and country contact sheets.

Another super simple and easy way to recruit volunteers is by showing them the joy and excitement that it brings to you through conversations you have in classes, social media and many other ways!

The Monarch High School Global Education Squad in Peru

3) Prepare in every possible way! – Countdown to your trip

Squads provides everything you need to be successful in preparing for your squad! Each group will have its own trip web page with details about the program. Each student will also have access to an online portal with country information, packing lists, forms, fundraising tools, and financial information. We also provide a way for you to fundraise either as individuals or as a group!

But wait! Squads doesn’t stop there, we also provide pre-tip training to prepare your group for the volunteer and cultural experience ahead. When you get to the destination country, we handle all the logistical details so groups can immerse themselves in the exciting and incredible educational and cultural experience!

3… 2… 1… SQUAD!

This all can seem a little overwhelming at first, but that’s why we have a staff always here to help you! Go to to ease any stress and worry that you might have and get in contact with us to help you along the journey!

We are so excited to work with you and your group, see you soon!

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