3 Different Squads that Squads Abroad Provides

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Find the right squad for you! There are so many ways to get involved with Squads Abroad and we have the perfect squad for anyone interested in making an impact with us! Whether you’re passionate about improving educational outcomes with our Global Education Squad, resolving public health challenges with our Global Health Squad, or providing access to clean water with our Global STEM Squad, which will you choose to fit your passion?

1. Global Education Squad

Our Global Education Squads enhance education by improving the infrastructure at schools in under-resourced communities.

Infrastructure projects may include improving computer labs with new hardware and software, building and improving libraries, updating classes with new shelves, chairs/tables, and bulletins, creating more interactive recreational areas, constructing fences around schools to improve safety and designing and painting educational murals.

By joining a Global Education Squad, you’ll be able to describe strengths and challenges of the education system in the school and host country, fulfill small construction projects and requests for school supplies, and provide much-needed classroom support for local teachers.

This Global Education Squad is building new infrastructure for the local school.

2. Global Health Squad

Global Health Squads build gardens, wash stations, and clean water systems in schools and community centers. Also conduct educational workshops about nutrition, WASH, dental hygiene, and sanitation.

On a Global Health Squad, you’ll have the chance to help build clean drinking water systems to households, work on the vision screening program and dental screening program with support of local dentists, and install hand washing stations in schools.

Volunteers will also be trained to prepare and deliver workshops in sanitation and hygiene, dental care, and exercise and nutrition.

The Global Health Squad is working on building hand washing stations for the local school.

3. Global STEM Squad

Global STEM Squads let students apply what they have learned inside the classroom by helping under-resourced communities obtain access to clean drinking water.

While working with a STEM Squad, you will design and build community water systems, conduct new and follow-up water assessments studies, survey land for water systems, and improve water flow and piping to improve access.

As a volunteer, you will also support in the construction and repair of a community water system, conduct water testing and analysis to improve quality, and describe the challenges and opportunities of the water access in the host community and country at large.

Global STEM Squads help to build and improve the community water system.

How to find the Squad for you

Whether making an impact through health or education, inspire your high school experience by volunteering internationally with Squads Abroad!! Find a group and squad type near you or start your own squad by going to We can’t wait to see the impact that you’ll make!

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