We encourage you to leave your cultural comfort zone, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be comfortable! We understand the importance of the basics – a sound sleep and a home-cooked meal can be all the fuel you need to make tomorrow your best day yet! That’s why we provide a safe and comfortable Home-Base for all of your volunteers.

The CCS Home-Bass is staffed by a full time team of local people and is your in-country home away from home. Our staff offer you an incredible, genuine connection to the local community, and will keep you immersed while also ensuring your safety and comfort.

At Home-Base, you’ll have the chance to connect with CCS staff and fellow CCS game changers, enjoy authentic local cuisine, or just kick back and relax. No need to worry about the daily to-do’s. at CCS Home-Base, we’ve got it all covered! The in-country team provides transportation to and from your volunteer site, healthy home-cooked meals, and 24-hour security. The CCS in-country office is located in Home-Base, so you’ll have unlimited access to our staff and all they have to offer.

Each Home-Base has a flavor all of it’s own, from lush gardens brimming with olive and fig trees, to local populations of chatty parrots, so be sure to check out what makes each one special. 

Go ahead, make yourself at home.